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October 30th - 31st, 2017

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What's it like at Swift Summit?

Swift Summit is all about community.

Swift developers from around the world are coming together in San Francisco for 2 days. A large portion of each day is spent listening to talks from developers who have interesting ideas to present, or who have done something notable with the language. The event is designed with the social aspect as a ‘first-class citizen', so there's ample opportunities to meet the people around you and have fun. Attendees come as a collection of professionals sharing an interest in Swift, and leave as part of a community.

Learning and education is hugely important to Swift Summit. Aside from the social aspects, the mission is for every attendee, regardless of their skill level, to leave as better Swift developers with new knowledge, tools and ideas that provide immediate value.

If you would like to join us this year- please get a ticket as soon as possible; we do expect to sell out. Please note that Swift Summit is an independent conference and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Apple Inc. Please also read our Code of Conduct: We take it seriously.

-The Swift Summit Team

Last year's recap video:

What's included?

Swift Summit Conference Pass Sample
  • 22 Technical Talk Sessions
  • Developer Labs - new for 2017!
  • Tasty catering on both days
  • Exhibitor hall with sponsor swag
  • Social side events (like our afterparty!)
  • Jobs portal: meet lead developers from top tech companies working with Swift.
  • Face-to-Face time with speakers at the Fireside chat area

This year we are introducing Labs; get help and advice on what you're working on, directly from the experts. Makers from popular open-source projects and other relevant tools will be available to assist attendees. Come and meet the makers!

Apple's Labs sessions

Apple engineers will be offering Labs on 2 different topics at Swift Summit this year.

We will release a full Labs schedule shortly. Subscribe to updates or check back soon!

The Speaker line-up

Swift Summit is known for having really good speakers- It's something we're very proud of.
This year about 22 skilled speakers will present their talks.

Swift Summit Conference

Joe Groff

-Apple Inc.

Joe is a member of the Swift Core Team and works on the Swift runtime at Apple.
Twitter: @jckarter

Swift Summit Conference

Michele Titolo

-Capital One

Michele is a Lead Software Engineer at Capital One, and has shipped over a dozen apps to the AppStore. Michele enjoys debugging, refactoring, and finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. Outside of work, she is an advisor to Women Who Code.
Twitter: @micheletitolo

Swift Summit Conference

Xi Ge

-Apple Inc.

Xi is a member of the Swift team and works on development tools at Apple.
Twitter: @xge_apple

Swift Summit Conference

Brandon Williams

(previously Kickstarter)

Brandon did math for a very long time, and then lead iOS and Android development at Kickstarter for 5.5 years. He enjoys talking about functional programming and how to use it to better our craft as engineers. @mbrandonw

Swift Summit Conference

Andy Matuschak

-Khan Academy

Andy explores ways to make powerful ideas more learnable and personally meaningful at Khan Academy, where he co-directs long-term research while contributing engineering and product leadership to nearer-term work. Andy’s prior work includes UIKit at Apple, the Sparkle software update framework, and Pixen, an early OS X pixel art tool.
Twitter: @andy_matuschak

Swift Summit Conference

Ryan Nystrom

-Facebook, Instagram

Ryan Nystrom is an iOS Software Engineer at Facebook working on Instagram client infrastructure in New York City. He is the author and maintainer of IGListKit, which is one of Instagram’s core open source libraries.
Twitter: @_ryannystrom

Swift Summit Conference

Daniel Steinberg

-Author, Educator

Daniel has been programming for iOS since "day one", is author of the official companion book to Paul Hegarty's Stanford iTunes U course, and wrote A Swift Kickstart – the first Swift book to join Apple's own on the iTunes Store, and a great introduction to Swift.
Twitter: @DimSumThinking

Swift Summit Conference

Anat Gilboa

-Blue Apron

Anat Gilboa is an iOS engineer based in New York. You can find her breaking tests in Blue Apron's app.
Twitter: @anat_gilboa

Swift Summit Conference

Chris Bailey

-Swift@IBM Chief Architect

Chris Bailey is a developer and technical leader in the Runtime Technologies team at IBM. Chris has spent over 15 years working on open source runtimes including Java, Node.js and Swift. Chris is a contributor and committor to the Swift Language, Foundation and Dispatch projects. He is also the Chief Architect for the Swift@IBM, providing the open source Kitura server framework.
Twitter: @Chris__bailey

Swift Summit Conference

Garo Hussenjian


Garo is an iOS Architect and Engineering Manager based in Los Angeles, and currently leads the iOS core team at Tinder. He enjoys evolving Swift, making music, and teaching his kids how to code. Garo is a dedicated life-learner, taking lessons from the iOS community, his colleagues, his family and friends, and other everyday adventures. If necessary, he’ll read documentation.
Twitter: @garohussenjian

Swift Summit Conference

Tim Burks


Tim Burks spent a decade building Electronic Design Automation systems and another building mobile apps. Now he's focused on the thing that holds them all together. In 2016 he joined the world's biggest API company where he works on open source tools to help developers build and use APIs better.
Twitter: @timburks

Swift Summit Conference

Priya Rajagopal


Priya Rajagopal is a Developer Advocate with Couchbase. She started professionally developing software over 18 years ago by writing low-level device drivers/ kernel code. She never thought she’d ever build anything that needed more than a command line interface until she started doing mobile development 7 years ago. She is a co-inventor on 22 technology related US patents.
Twitter: @Rajagp

Swift Summit Conference

Ontario Britton


Ontario is a freelance Unity game developer and mobile software engineer. Ontario specializes in front-end design, UX and graphics. He has programmed for mobile devices, head mounted displays, augmented reality and even a gamified, head-mounted brain-computer interface.
Twitter: @ontariobritton

Swift Summit Conference

Brandon Kase


Brandon Kase loves functional programming. He has shipped (typed, functional) production code on Android with Kotlin, iOS with Swift and React Native, and Web with JS/Flow/React. Brandon is an iOS core-platform engineer at Pinterest. He is excited that strong static typing and functional programming are becoming mainstream.
Twitter: @bkase_

+ many other speakers

As in previous year, we'll continue to announce speakers in the lead-up to the conference.

Conference Venue

This year's conference will be hosted at the Palace of Fine Arts theatre, in the heart of San Francisco.

This famous San Francisco icon was built in 1915 in a Greco-Roman style and is one of the most photographed sites in the city. We will be seated in the theatre and have ample room for refreshments, catering and exhibitors in a large adjoining space. Attendees may also enjoy the outer gardens at the Palace of Fine arts in between talks, with fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Social Responsibility

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct; We take it seriously.
The behavioural expectations at Swift Summit may be different from what you are used to, so it is very important that all attendees familiarilze themselves with this document.

Scholarship Program

We run a Scholarship program for Students, Interns, Unemployed people or those who are in Financial Hardship. If you enter into one of these categories, please apply here.

Sponsorship & Exhibitors

Hiring & Brand Awareness

Sponsoring or Exhibiting at Swift Summit is a great way to engage with the developer community in San Francisco. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available to interested companies. Please use the contact form below to discuss your needs, and we'll get back to you quickly.

Some previous sponsors include:

2017 Major Supporters:

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About the organizers:

Swift Summit is run by Swift Community LLC. We are independently organised from the meet-up community in San Francisco, and we are not affiliated with any large companies.

"Legal note: Apple and Swift are trademarks of Apple Inc. Swift Summit is an independent conference and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Apple Inc."

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