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Swift Summit is all about community. The world’s top Swift developers, bloggers, book authors and teachers are coming together for 2 days. Because the event is designed with the social aspect as a ‘first-class citizen', every facet of the event has ample opportunities to meet the people around you and have fun. Attendees come as a collection of professionals sharing an interest in Swift, and leave as part of a community.

Learning and education is also hugely important to Swift Summit. Aside from the social aspects, the mission is for every attendee, regardless of their skill level, to leave as better Swift developers with new knowledge, tools and ideas that provide immediate value.

We do expect to sell out well before the conference date, so interested parties are encouraged to reserve their tickets as soon as possible.

Please read our Code of Conduct: We take it seriously.

Speakers Our opening line-up

Jesse Squires

Jesse Squires is an iOS developer and the curator of Swift Weekly Brief. He writes about Swift and Objective-C on his blog at jessesquires.com and contributes often to many open source projects on GitHub. He wears black t-shirts, drinks black coffee, and listens to black metal. Twitter: @jesse_squires

Nate Cook

Nate Cook is the creator of SwiftDoc.org and managing editor of NSHipster, where he writes on topics in Cocoa and Swift.
Twitter: @nnnnnnnn

Kamilah Taylor

Kamilah is a Sr. Software Engineer at LinkedIn, & worked on the complete rewrite of LinkedIn’s flagship app. Previously she did robotics at Wolfram Research, and is a co-author of a "Women in Tech” book. She is passionate about encouraging diversity in STEM careers. Twitter: @kamilah

Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka is an iOS engineer at Workflow, & was previously at Venmo on their iOS team. She’s given well received talks on natural language processing in Swift, scripting in Swift, and a few other things. Recently she's been writing at Learn Swift ↯ to show how powerful the language can be. @ayanonagon

Greg Heo

Greg is an iOS engineer at Facebook, and has been a computer nerd ever since the Commodore 64 days. Greg says he enjoys writing code, long walks thinking about code, and listening to podcasts about code.
Twitter: @gregheo

Alexis Gallagher

Alexis is as an independent consultant, building all sorts of systems with Swift, Clojure, bash, a heartfelt sincerity, a nagging skepticism, and the motley wisdom from his past adventures in science, finance, and improvisational theater. Twitter:@alexisgallagher

Chris Eidhof

Chris is the author of Functional Swift and Advanced Swift. He runs objc.io and built Deckset and Scenery. Twitter: @ChrisEidhof

Laura Savino

Laura is an iOS developer with a penchant for languages, travel, and education. She's worked on all sorts of client apps through mobile agencies, and most recently built apps to transform students' learning at Khan Academy. Twitter: @Savinola

Linda Dong

Linda is a freelance UI Designer specializing in prototyping. In her free time (when she’s not playing video games), she posts Swift experiments: swiftaday.com. She previously worked on Apple’s Prototyping Team, inventing new conceptual ways of interacting with future technologies and hardware.

Adam Bell

Adam Bell is a Canadian iOS Engineer primarily focused on gestures, interaction, animation, and music. He's currently working at Facebook on App Experiences and contributing to Open Source projects like Pop. Primary interests include: dabbling in software internals, racing, and pranking other people's bash prompts. @b3ll

Wendy Lu

Wendy is an iOS engineer and has been working at Pinterest for the last 4 years. There, she led the launch of their commerce product on mobile and has also touched everything from the data layer to the ads product. She previously spoke at Swift Summit on Apple Pay and moderates a mobile development panel at Grace Hopper. In her free time she enjoys swimming and ballet. @wendyluwho

Paul Stringer

Paul has worked at startups and companies including Sky & Apple and now leads mobile engineering at Equal Experts. As one of the industry's most seasoned practitioners, Paul is an advocate of Clean Code, SOLID principles and Acceptance Test Driven Development in the pursuit of beautifully made software for iOS. - @paulstringer

Christopher Stott

Chris built his first mobile app before the iPhone was ever released, and built his first iOS app after a bet in a bar. Always up for a varied challenge, Chris has built many kinds of software; Xbox & Playstation video games, web browsers, taxi dispatch apps, home security, banking apps, and mobile audio recording studios. Chris co-founded Buddybuild to make life easiest for other iOS and Android app developers. @chrisyvr

Benjamin Encz

Benjamin Encz is the iOS Lead Developer at PlanGrid in San Francisco. He has worked in the Apple ecosystem since 2011 on a variety of projects, ranging from enterprise software to mobile games. He is the creator of multiple Swift open source libraries such as `ReSwift` and `Validated`. He enjoys exploring new ways of making software more reliable and programming more enjoyable.@benjaminencz

Dzung Pham

Dzung is a security consultant at Cigital. She graduated from University of Notre Dame in 2015, and has been working in the security field ever since with a focus in web application and iOS penetration testing. She loves cats, reading, and dancing. @joonefam

+7 other world-class Swifters

(We'll continue to announce speakers in the lead up to the conference)

Conference venue The Palace of Fine Arts

This year's conference will be hosted at the Palace of Fine Arts theatre.

This famous San Francisco icon was built in 1915 in a Greco-Roman style and is one of the most photographed sites in the city. We will be seated in the theatre and have ample room for refreshments, catering and exhibitors in a large adjoining space. Attendees may also enjoy the outer gardens at the Palace of Fine arts in between talks, with fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What's included in the ticket?Your ticket price includes:

  • Access to every talk by every speaker (it's a single track conference, so you won't have to miss any),
  • Two tasty lunches, two light breakfasts, 2 days of snacks & coffee throughout the day,
  • Access to the after-party and all the social events around the conference,
  • Swag and apparel from our sponsors,
  • Access to the exhibitor area, where you can talk to employers who are looking to hire Swift developers & show off their developer goodies,
  • An address book full of new friends you'll meet at the conference :)

Feedback from Swift Summit London 2015

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